Giantess Autumn

Giantess Autumn | “Autumn’s Birthday Bash” | Foot Crush, Vore, Food

It’s Autumn’s birthday and she’s all alone…except for her tiny shrunken friends that live with her. In an effort to cheer her up, they rally together to help her bake some cupcakes. However, Autumn get’s drunk and that means trouble for these little guys. Watch as they fall in the batter, get crushed unaware and eaten with her cake.

Directed by ViSa

Concept by Giantess Autumn

Edit by Noise & Vision

Estimated Budget: $1,400

(Foot Crush, Sock Crush, Vore, Food Vore, Food Crush, Unaware, POV)

Giantess Autumn | “One Night Stand” | (worship, crush)

Michael had met a girl at a bar one night, they hit it off and decided to go back to her place together.¬†Autumn has a virus that passes to her male partners during sexual intercourse.¬† After a night of fun, he fell asleep and woke up hours later…bug sized! He has to wake her up and get to the bottom of what happened to his size. But Autumn has a secret…and it’s not good for him.

(Unaware, POV, Aware, Foot/Toe Worship, Butt Crush, Foot Crush, Heel Crush)

Film Duration: 29 Minutes

Film Budget: $1,600

Directed by ViSa

Giantess Autumn | “Science Trample” | Barefoot crush

After a shrinking project of human test subjects, Scientist Autumn takes them home to satisfy her appetites. Watch as the poor unsuspecting test subjects fall prey to her massive size 12 soles.

(bare foot crush, vore, sfx, pov)

Film Duration: 25 min

Film Budget: $1,000

Directed by ViSa

This is mainly a sfx foot crush clip with her big pedicured feet. Not a story-driven film so know what you’re buying! Hope you all enjoy!

Giantess Autumn | “My Clingy Ex-Girlfriend” | (Plastic Tiny Film, Socks, Crush, In-Shoe)

(This was a custom made for a fan)

Autumn, a clingy ex-girlfriend, decided to use the “shrink my ex” app recommended to her by her friends. After her tiny boyfriend (Ty) falls into her slippers unaware before her work day, she later discovers what has happened: The App actually worked! Now she’s going to have her fun, make him do her bidding and keep him as a pet forever.

Clip Duration: 15min

Starring Giantess Autumn

Directed by ViSa

DEADLY AFFAIR | Giantess Autumn | Cruel Giantess/Foot Crush SFX

**This is Giantess Autumn’s Debut Clip**

About Giantess Autumn: Shoe Size: 12, Height: 5’10, Age: 29, Ethnicity: Caucasian

Giantess Autumn has shrunk her boss after a night of love-making. He awakens to find his-now massive-sized mistress towering over him to exact the revenge she has been plotting for quite a long time. The plot thickens when she unveils that his new assistant has also been shrunk, and is there to suffer the same fate as himself.