Giantess Cleo

Giantess Cleo | “Weapons Test” | Giantess Growth FX

The American military is testing their weapons on their new top secret giantess program. The plan is to use giantess grown women against their enemies. But first, they must test the giantess’ durability against conventional weapons. There is one problem…what happens if the giantess decides she doesn’t want to be tested on, anymore?

(giantess foot crush, vore, building crush)

Giantess Cleo & Lea | “Tiny Alien Contact” | Foot Crush, Vore

Alien explorers landed in the apartment of Giantess Cleo. The exploratory mission takes a sudden turn when Cleo and her best friend Lea arrive, unaware of the tiny aliens below. What happens when they find these little lifeforms…and will the Giantess’ be merciful?

(foot crush, heel crush, toe crush, vore, pov, unaware, aware)

Directed by ViSa

Starring Giantess Cleo, Featuring Giantess Lea

Film Duration: 22min

Film Budget: $2,000 (approx.)

Giantess Cleo | “Crush Film Volunteers” | Giantess Feet

Journey with Samuel, an applicant to be shrunk for Cleo’s films, as he shrinks to miniscule sizes and survives the monstrosities of being a one inch tall slave to a Giantess making Crushing Films.

In this movie: Shrinkage, Unaware, Aware, Foot Crush, POV, Butt Crush, Slow Crush, Stomping, Slo-Motion Crush, French Pedi

Film Budget: $1,400

Directed by ViSa

Starring Giantess Cleo (6 Ft Tall, Size 11 Soles)

Giantess Cleo | “Poker Night Pounding” | Butt & Foot Crush

Andrew and his buddies took some pills they thought were vicodins – turns out, they were shrinking pills. They all shrink down as his wife, Cleo, come’s home drunk from a bar. When she discovers her husband’s shrunken friends she hates…things get messy.

(butt crush, foot crush, aware, unaware, pov, nylons, underwear entrapment)

Directed by ViSa

Starring Giantess Cleo

Budget: $1,500

Film Duration: 22 min

Giantess Cleo | “Stoner Giantess Date” | VR

You’re Shrunk, She’s Horny…

Newly dating, Giantess Cleo invites you over to smoke some weed. When she leaves you to go get some snacks, you smoke from the wrong pipe and shrink to the size of a few inches. Unaware, she comes back home only to discover her new boyfriend shrunk. She decides to find another date for the night, while you watch her pleasure herself and scroll for flings on her phone staring up at her massive size 11 soles.

She soon forgets about you as she prepares for her new date. Don’t get crushed in this awesome giantess virtual reality experience.

Unaware/Foot Tease/Masturbation/Crush

Our second VR film, Directed by ViSa

Clip Duration: 15 min

Giantess Cleo | “Addicted to Power” | Foot, Thigh, Butt Crush

Giantess Cleo’s boyfriend sucks. So sick of her boyfriend’s rude, selfish behavior…she decides to trick him into drinking a shrinking potion. After being shrunk down to inches tall…he realizes she’s done this to others. He watches as she mercilessly crushes her other captives and he finally learns his place.

Directed by The Giantess Director

Film Duration 19min

(Butt Crush, Foot Crush, Shrinking, POV, Nylon, Inside Nylons, Thigh Crush, Special Effects)


Giantess Cleo | “Mistaken For A Spider” | Foot Crush, Tease, VR FX

You’re a little man in a big room. Cleo’s room. Watch as other tiny people are crushed unaware by her size 11 soles…BUT…she finds you on the floor, but mistakenly identifies you as a spider. After trapping you in a glass jar with her giant feet looming over you as she finishes up her phone call, she decides there’s only one way to finish you off. A crushed stain on her floor.

This is the first time we’ve added special effects in our VR film. If you enjoy this new concept of FX films, let us know. Email or our instagram so we can make more! Enjoy.

Starring Giantess Cleo
Film Duration 12min
Price: $9.99

Giantess Cleo | “The Stoner Giantess” | Butt Crush/Foot Crush/Vore

Julius has gotten his hands on some pretty impressive technology. After his science genius friend finished his shrinking invention, he cut a deal with Julius: Shrink him and bring him to his Giant Crush, Giantess Cleo.

Julius goes to Cleo to bring him the scientist…along with a “genius” idea for the shrinking tech. His idea is to shrink, smoke miniscule amounts of weed, then grow back. Cleo listens, feigning excitement…until Julius shrinks. She gets him really high like they planned…but she thinks his idea is moronic. Such incredible shrinking technology can have so many more lucrative applications. She decides what to do with her new little pets while she brainstorms and gets stoned.

(Shrink, POV, Barefoot Crush, Big Feet, Butt Crush, Vore, Foot play, Thigh Crush)