Giantess Hera

Giantess Hera | “Cheerleader’s Revenge” | Ass Crush, Foot Crush

Hera, a cheerleader at her local college, decided to use a black market shrinking method on her school’s football team who’s been mistreating and harassing Her and Her cheer team. Excited, she brings her shrunken captives home to dispose of them in private.  Her execution weapon of choice is her beautiful massive ass and her giant gorgeous feet. Do these young jocks have a chance?

Directed by ViSa

Starring Giantess Hera (debut film)

Budget: $1,200

Featured in this film: Ass Crush, Stocking Foot Crush, POV, SFX, Vore

Giantess Mila & Giantess Hera | “The Giantess Sleepover” | Foot crush, butt crush, vore

Giantess Hera invites her bestie (Giantess Mila) to her house for a sleep over. Things get very interesting when Hera reveals what she bought from the black market – SHRUNKEN PEOPLE! These tiny people keep the girls entertained as they play and prey on these little “party favors.”

Directed by ViSa


Film Duration: 20 minutes

(foot crush, FARTS, in shoe crush, unaware, pov, vore, butt crush)