Giantess Madeline

Giantess Madeline | “Panic! At the Picnic” | Unaware Foot Crush, Vore FX

After Giantess Madeline settles down to have a nice relaxing picnic by herself, she is unknowlingly raided by a tiny colony of men searching for free food. Things quickly go badly for them, and they are crushed and eaten with the Giantess being totally unaware…

Estimated release date: 10/11/19

Starring Giantess Madeline

Directed by ViSa

Film Duration: 22min

Film Budget: $1,400

(Unaware, Foot Crush, Vore, Slo-Mo)

Giantess Madeline | “The Amazing Tiny-Spidey | Foot Crush, Butt, Vore

Bitten by a radio-active spider – turned into a spider-sized super human. Tiny-Spidey has vowed to use his powers to help the tiny people of earth against the GIANTESS. Watch as he takes on his greatest foe yet, Giantess Madeline…in attempts to rescue her tiny victims. Even if you’re not a Spider-Man fan, you won’t want to miss this.

(Foot crush, heel crush, unaware, cruel, vore, pov, butt crush, sandal crush, slo motion)

Directed by Giantess Roma and ViSa

Starring Giantess Madeline

Movie Duration: 23 Minutes

Film Budget: $1,400

Giantess Madeline | “The Infinity Rings” | Foot Crush, Shoe Play FX


For years Madeline has watched as the selfish, ungrateful people of earth do nothing but waste, steal and mistreat each other. Including her. After hearing of a three magical rings from a fortune-teller, she sought out to collect them all.

The Size Ring – The ability to shrink any object, inanimate or living.
The Soul Ring – The ability to resurrect any living thing from the dead.
The Ring of Servitude – The ability to control the mind of any living thing.

Now, with her possession of all three rings, she will make those who have personally wronged her in her life be the first to PAY. She starts with Adam, her newly promoted boss and his beloved girlfriend. Using the rings to make Adam do her bidding, she goes to collect more co-workers for worship and torture.

After enslaving them, it’s time she addresses the world…for complete domination.

This is Giantess Madeline’s final GTS film. She has been a great treasure to the community for the last two years, we love her and she will be missed. This film, however, is NOT to be missed. This is in our opinion her BEST film yet – a perfect farewell…

(Foot Crush, In-Shoe play, Barefoot Crush, POV, Shrink, Mind-Control, Female Crush)

Film Duration: 25 minutes

Directed by ViSa

Estimated Budget: $2,400

Story concept by GTSfan1


Giantess Madeline | “Tiny Secret Agent (.007)” | Butt & Foot Crush

A secret government agency composed of tiny secret spies has dispatched one of their best agents, Agent .007, to dispose of a highly dangerous target simply known as “Madeline.” Will he eliminate her…or will the hunter become the hunted?

Directed by ViSa

Starring Giantess Madeline

Film Duration: 21min

Film Budget: $1,100

(Butt Crush, Foot Crush, Unaware, Body Explore, POV)


Giantess Madeline | “The Giantess Bachelorette” | (crush, vore)

The Game Show where tiny men have to compete for the love of a Giantess. This episode’s bachelorette: Giantess Madeline. The winner gets to take her home (or She takes him home, rather) and the losers…the losers aren’t heard from again.

(foot crush, in shoe, vore, butt crush, pov)

Film Duration: 30 min

Film Budget: $2,000

Directed By ViSa

Starring Giantess Madeline (height 5’11, Age 23, Shoe Size 10.5-11)

Giantess Madeline | “Madeline’s Hotel Massacre” | (Crush, Vore)

The Hotel Massacre Continues as Giantess Madeline checks into her hotel room to find it’s crawling with bug-sized men and women. She calls the front desk, outraged, only to find out they can’t send a cleaner for a few hours. That’s doesn’t sit well with her…She’ll have to get rid of these tiny vermin herself.

(Shoe Crush, Slow Motion Crushes, Bare Foot Crushes, Socks, Butt Crush, Vore, POV)

Film Budget: $1,200

Directed by ViSa

Starring Giantess Madeline

Giantess Madeline | “Bestie Bugs” | Boot and Foot Crush

Starring Giantess Madeline

Madeline’s friends have been exposed to a shrinking virus while gathered to go out for a night of drinking. Madeline, who’s been vaccinated for this virus, is still normal size (and their only hope.)

As her tiny best friends (besties) try to get her attention, they have to contend with two problems. Her obsession with killing bugs, and the fact that they’re the size of bugs.

Height: 5’11, Shoe Size: 11


Boot Crush, Unaware, Aware, POV, Micro, Barefoot Crush




Giantess Madeline’s Sex Party Massacre | Giantess Crush SFX

An ad was put out for Giantess Madeline’s Annual Sex Party, where tiny rich sex addicts congregate for strange and erotic experiences with a giant woman. When the Giantess finally arrives to the party, however, an unexpected surprise awaits them. For it’s not the tiny people’s sexual fantasies that will be realized, but Giantess Madeline’s Fetish for crushing and killing tiny men and women. Let the massacre begin!

(foot crush, under glass crush, SFX)

This is Giantess Madeline’s second feature. Stay tuned for more.