Giantess Mikayla

Giantess Mikayla | “Mikayla’s Sessions” | Giantess Shrink/Worship/Crush FX

After booking a worship session with the real-life Giantess, Mikayla Miles, he’s faced with a new proposition: Volunteer to be shrunk and join her collection of tiny slaves. Once shrunk, he’s befriended by a fellow volunteer named “Frodo.” They brave Mikayla’s sessions, together – fully enjoying their fantasy coming to life. But the job has risks…especially when a customer pays big money to see one of them die.

Directed by The Giantess Director

Starring Mikayla Miles

(shrink, foot worship, butt crush, vore, foot crush, pov, dialog)

Giantess Mikayla | “Abusive Giantess Boss” | Foot Worship, Crush FX


After several interviews with  prospective applicants, Giantess Mikayla decides to takes one more РA tiny man with big dreams.Hesitant on hiring a tiny human, she decides to hire him as a live-at-home assistant. Very quickly She shows Her true colors as an abusive and unforgiving boss.

Height: 6’3, Shoe: 16 US

So excited to welcome Mikayla Miles to Giantess Avenue.

Directed by ViSa

(Foot crush, Foot Worship, Nylon Worship, Slow Motion, Unaware Crush, Unaware butt crush, Shoe Crush) + Bonus slow motion crush

Giantess Mikayla | “The Little Cheat” | Big Feet Crush, Smother/In shoe FX

Mikayla grills her cheating husband and his mistress – She’s
shrunk both of them. After humiliating the mistress in a joke
wrestling match, she crushes her into paste in front of
husband. She then proceeds to punish her husband once and for

Directed by ViSa

Starring Giantess Mikayla Miles

Film Duration: 20 Minutes

(Size 16 feet, giantess, tiny woman, tiny man, foot crush, foot smother, in shoe, finger crush)