Giantess Peach

Giantess Peach | “Home After Softball Practice” | unaware giantess, boob vore, shoe crush FX


Gary and his friends decide to take some pills in his Step-Sister Peach’s room that could cause shrinkage in males. After becoming separated around the house, they scramble for solutions. Later that day Peach returns home, exhausted from softball practice…they quickly find out how much danger they’re actually in.

(Boob Vore, Shoe Crush, Sock Crush/Smother, Unaware}

Film Duration: 15minutes

Starring Giantess Peach

Directed by The Giantess Director


Giantess Peach | “I Want To Be A Part Of You” | Boob Crush, Vore

Peach’s ex-bf has been begging for Her to take him back for months. Finally, he resorts to shrinking himself and pleading to be eaten by Her. She explains she’s moved on…even has a new man coming over shortly, he doesn’t care. He wants to be a part of her, forever. If she agrees, she gets his full inheritance.

(boob crushing, vore, implied cuck, belly button, pov)

Script Contest Winner: Brian K.

Directed by The Giantess Director

Starring Giantess Peach

Film Duration 14.5min

This is Giantess Peach’s debut giantess film. She is 25 years of age, 5’9

Giantess Peach | “The Tiny City Facility” | Growth FX


Peach’s ex-boyfriend, Josh, enrolled himself and his new girlfriend in a “shrink life” program: a program designed to allow people to live more lavishly for less money. His particular city is located in “Facility 501.”

On a drunken mission, Peach searches for Facility 501, so that she can find and seek revenge on her ex-boyfriend and his new care-free life. Once she finds the facility and it’s tiny citizens…she can’t help but crush and toy with them like tiny little play-things until she finds Josh and his woman.

Film Duration: 22min

Directed by The Giantess Director

(shoe crush, foot crush, butt crush, boob crush, vore)