Giantess Trisha

Giantess Trisha | “Home Workout” | unaware crush, vore fx

During a national pandemic that causes humans to shrink, Giantess Trisha stays home to do her work outs. When a group of tiny infected trespassers dare each other to see who can survive a workout with a giantess unaware, things get deadly.

(Butt crush, vore, unaware, boob crush, foot crush, pov)

Directed by ViSa

Duration: 20 min

Est. Film Budget $1,100

Giantess Trisha | “Tiny Airbnb (part 2)” | Unaware Giantess FX

The Tiny Airbnb Hosts are running a successful business until, once again, one of their Giantess Guests forgets to read the description stating that “THERE ARE TINY PEOPLE WHO WILL BE IN THE HOME SERVING YOU.” Disaster strikes as these tinys try to regain control of their property – and all the while, survive.

(unaware, foot crush, sandal crush, slo mo, POV, vore, butt crush)

Directed by ViSa

Starring (Debut Film) Giantess Trisha

Film Duration: 20 Minutes

Film Budget: $1,900