Giantess Victoria

“The Search For John Crumb (Part 1)” | Giantess Victoria

Jon Crumb and his Wife decided to have some fun with a breakthrough new shrinking technology. Both Jon and Victoria enjoy this time together: Jon gets to live his fantasy, Victoria gets to play and abuse her husband while she gets drunk. But after a night of “play time,” Victoria falls asleep and Jon does the unthinkable:

He calls the shrinking service and requests that they deactivate his device, keeping him shrunk forever. That is, of course, if she decides not to pay the $15,000 reactivation fee.

Once she awakens, she accidently duplicates Jon’s body, making numerous copies. Now, Jon has to deal with his duplicates pleasuring themselves to his wife and ruining his experience before he can enjoy his new shrunken life, along with what his Wife will do when she finds out he’s made this “shrinkage,” permanent.

Directed by The Giantess Director

Film Duration 21min


Giantess Victoria | “Dwindling Hope” | giantess fx

After contracting a shrinking virus, Victoria and her boyfriend prepare for his inevitable demise. The doctors said he’ll shrink into nothingness within weeks. As her boyfriend shrinks, she tries to be as supportive as she can. Allowing him to enjoy her body…using him for sexual pleasure…even keeping him safe inside her bra. But the inevitable happens, as he shrinks to a miniscule size…she loses him. Unsure if he’s still alive, she carries on with her life…hoping he’s somewhere…looking up at her. Always.

(shrinking, pov, boob crushing, fart, body explore, giantess feet, unaware, implied cuck toy, butt crush, belly button)

Duration: 23 min
The Giantess Director

Giantess Victoria | “Family Reunion” | Giantess FX

Victoria hosts a family reunion and shrinks EVERYONE. She doesn’t want to go to another family gathering, again. Now her family members will live as tiny house bugs while she goes about her life. (aware/unaware)

This movie was a fan-written script.

Duration: 23 min

(Vore, foot crush, butt crush, entrapment, nose sniff/crush, unaware vore, unaware foot crush)

Directed by Giantess Director

Giantess Victoria | “House Arrest”

In this world, tiny criminals guilty of petty crimes are shrunk and sentenced to house arrest. They are prohibited from leaving their homes or hosting gatherings(with other tiny criminals.)

What happens when they disobey these orders? A Giantess Officer answers the call.

Still from “House Arrest” starring Giantess Victoria.

(In shoe, Butt Crush, Foot Crush, Shoe Crush, Vore, POV)

Directed by The Giantess Director

Film Duration 19 Minutes

Giantess Victoria | “Step-Mom’s Watch” | Giantess FX

James is left with his Step-Mom, Victoria, while his dad leaves town for work.
James knows what’s in store for him…He’ll be shrunk and used as a slave till his dad returns.
Things get even worse when James’ friends come by to see if he’s home…His step-mom has alternate plans for them.

(shrink, foot crush, sweat, in shoe, butt crush, under ass, vore, unaware, evil giantess)

Film Duration: 23 min

Giantess Victoria | “The Biggest Model in the World” | Giantess City FX

In a desperate attempt to save his career, Rodolfo, a failing photographer, sets out on a journey to find the fabled “Giantess Victoria.” A massive woman who was exiled to a deserted island due to her unnatural size. Once she’s located, he convinces her to return to the mainland so they can make beautiful urban photography. But will the citizens accept her, or will she be casted out as a monster, again?

Film Duration: 29 min

(crush, vore, pov, building crush, aware, unaware)

Giantess Victoria | “The Justice Team” | Giantess Growth FX

Giantess Victoria decides to use her powers of GROWTH to break out of jail and ravage the city. It’s up to the JUSTICE TEAM, a group of superhuman heroes, to stop her!

FIREDUDE- Power of Fire

THE DRIZZLE- Power of Water

SPARKZ- Power of Electricity

GOOP- Indestructability

LOGIC- Power of Mind

(growth, foot crush, pov, vore, fart, butt crush, slow motion, building crush, dialog)

Movie Duration 22min


Giantess Victoria | “The Search for Jon Crumb (Part 2” | Giantess Unaware

The Search for Jon Crumb continues as Giantess Victoria tries to troubleshoot the shrink device (that her husband deactivated.) When she learns of his selfish deed, she debates on whether or not he is worth finding, after all.

Jon, at the same time, has to deal with the annoying duplicates that she accidently made with the device.

Don’t miss this new epic unaware adventure.

(giantess fx, unaware, pov, foot crush, shower scene, butt crush)

The Giantess Director

Starring Giantess Victoria

Run Time: 16min

Giantess Victoria | “Unaware Airbnb Host” | Giantess Unaware FX

Airbnb guests checking into Victoria’s Airbnb Home were given the wrong door code which activated the shrinking security system. Over and over again, guests were shrunk and trapped in the house. Unbeknownst to Victoria, she goes to the unit to finally see why no one is showing up to her booking…and this is where the trouble begins.

Film Duration: 23 min
Starring Giantess Victoria
The Giantess Director

(giantess boot crush, pov, foot crush, in shoe, in sock, belly button, armpit crush, panties unaware, butt crush)

Giantess Victoria| Worshiped Wife, Happy Life | Giantess FX

Victoria’s husband is exhausted from work…But she has a special gift for him. Or is it really for her? Things get extremely out of hand when she becomes intoxicated with her power over his little body, and disregards him as a human…and more like a little toy she can have her fun with.

(Shrink, Foot Crush, Unaware, Butt Crush, Boob Crush, POV, Slo-mo FX)

The Giantess Director

Starring Giantess Victoria (debut film)

Film Duration: 21 Minutes