“Big Bad Besties” | Double Giantess, Crush FX


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Josh’s long time friends, Ashley and Becca, have invited him over for a “friend reunion.” But when he takes a drink from a mysterious bottle, he’s instantly shrunk…and his two best girl friends decide to have some fun with him.

Directed by Cinematic – GTS

(foot crush, dance, double butt crush, foot worship, boob crush, nudity, slow-motion FX)

Film Duration: 22 Minutes

The Giantess’ are German models named in the film “Ashley and Becca.”

*This is the first giantess film working with “Cinematic-GTS” productions. This may be something we do once and a while. Our films with The Giantess Director will continue as normal. This is just a studio collaboration with Cinematic-GTS studios. Enjoy*