Giantess Mila | “The Good, The Bad and The Mila” | Giantess Growth FX


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A band of criminals have stolen some high-tech weapons capable of mind controlling the largest of enemies. The Boss’s plan is to use it to neutralize and take control of Giantess Mila, knowing she will answer the call. Once the Boss has control of Mila, he turns on his own men, getting rid of all the evidence. Will Mila regain control of her mind? Will the Boss take over the entire city, or will the criminals find a way to turn the tide of the battle? This is The Good, The Bad and The Mila.

Created by The Giantess Director

Story by Josh Olivas

Starring Giantess Mila

Film Duration: 21 Minutes

(Growth, Foot Crush, Mind Control, Butt Crush, Vore, Building Crush, Dialog, FX)