Giantess Madeline | “The Infinity Rings” | Foot Crush, Shoe Play FX


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For years Madeline has watched as the selfish, ungrateful people of earth do nothing but waste, steal and mistreat each other. Including her. After hearing of a three magical rings from a fortune-teller, she sought out to collect them all.

The Size Ring – The ability to shrink any object, inanimate or living.
The Soul Ring – The ability to resurrect any living thing from the dead.
The Ring of Servitude – The ability to control the mind of any living thing.

Now, with her possession of all three rings, she will make those who have personally wronged her in her life be the first to PAY. She starts with Adam, her newly promoted boss and his beloved girlfriend. Using the rings to make Adam do her bidding, she goes to collect more co-workers for worship and torture.

After enslaving them, it’s time she addresses the world…for complete domination.

This is Giantess Madeline’s final GTS film. She has been a great treasure to the community for the last two years, we love her and she will be missed. This film, however, is NOT to be missed. This is in our opinion her BEST film yet – a perfect farewell…

(Foot Crush, In-Shoe play, Barefoot Crush, POV, Shrink, Mind-Control, Female Crush)

Film Duration: 25 minutes

Directed by ViSa

Estimated Budget: $2,400

Story concept by GTSfan1