Giantess Mila | “QUARANTINIED” | Butt Crush, Foot Crush FX


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A global virus is shrinking adult males to inches tall, mainly infecting adult males. Healthy women are urged to dispose of any infected, immediately. As Mila’s boyfriend contracts the virus and begins to shrink, she is left with a difficult situation to handle. Meanwhile, tiny infected humans that were ejected from their homes begin sneaking into Mila’s…but disaster ensues once she figures out what’s going on.

Happy Quarantining…I know it’s a difficult time for everyone being stuck in your home and unable to go about normal life – We worked real hard to make this film for the fans and discounting the 30 minute film ($1 per min rate) to $21.99. We hope all of you enjoy, more to come!

(Foot crush, Butt Crush, Unaware, Unaware Butt Crush, Gentle Giantess, Mean, Toe Crush, Shrinking)

Directed by ViSa

Starring Giantess Mila

Edit by Noise&Vision

Film Duration: 30 min