Giantess Roma | ” Salem Witch Trials” | Giantess FX


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I am a Witch with Unlimited Powers. In my announcement video to the vile people of Earth, I broadcast LIVE my re-creation of the “Salem Witch Trials,” only this time…it’s not the Witch on trial…but everyone else. Starting with those who have wronged me, personally…and I plan on mercilessly demonstrating my absolute power. Shrinking the accused…and ending them based on the degree of their crimes. This Witch is not to be crossed…and no one is safe. Not even you, viewer. (Movie Duration 31 minutes) (Onlyfans subscribers get $5 off)

Considered one of Roma’s Best Films, yet.

Unfortunately, Onlyfans has blocked this movie from being sold on Her page due to the graphic nature. Therefore, it will be sold here for a LIMITED TIME. Onlyfans Subscribers who did not get a chance to purchase the film can use their coupon code that was sent to them in their DMs on the site. Sorry for the inconvenience and confusion, everyone. Enjoy the movie!