Giantess Gaia | “School Project Disaster” | (Unaware, Butt & Boob Crush)



Gaia’s boyfriend, Joe, was making his last minute preparations for his school project that features a successful shrinking of human subjects, never before done! During the final preparations he accidentally shrinks himself. Teaming up with his (already) shrunken volunteers, he must find away to power up his laptop and shrinking device and return them to normal size. But trouble ensues when his giantess girlfriend (Gaia) comes home from school, unaware of the tiny dilemma happening right under her nose. Is this the end of little Joe, or can he and his volunteers get this disaster under control?

(Unaware, Butt Crush, Boob Crush, Vore, Foot Crush, POV, Micros, 1 inch)

Film Duration 20 minutes

Film Budget: $1,500

This is Giantess Gaia’s debut film. Give her a warm welcome on Instagram @giantessgaia , and let us know what you think of this new stunning Giantess by emailing us at

Directed by ViSa