“The Search For John Crumb (Part 1)” | Giantess Victoria


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Jon Crumb and his Wife decided to have some fun with a breakthrough new shrinking technology. Both Jon and Victoria enjoy this time together: Jon gets to live his fantasy, Victoria gets to play and abuse her husband while she gets drunk. But after a night of “play time,” Victoria falls asleep and Jon does the unthinkable:

He calls the shrinking service and requests that they deactivate his device, keeping him shrunk forever. That is, of course, if she decides not to pay the $15,000 reactivation fee.

Once she awakens, she accidently duplicates Jon’s body, making numerous copies. Now, Jon has to deal with his duplicates pleasuring themselves to his wife and ruining his experience before he can enjoy his new shrunken life, along with what his Wife will do when she finds out he’s made this “shrinkage,” permanent.

Directed by The Giantess Director

Film Duration 21min