Giantess Cleo | “The Stoner Giantess” | Butt Crush/Foot Crush/Vore


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Julius has gotten his hands on some pretty impressive technology. After his science genius friend finished his shrinking invention, he cut a deal with Julius: Shrink him and bring him to his Giant Crush, Giantess Cleo.

Julius goes to Cleo to bring him the scientist…along with a “genius” idea for the shrinking tech. His idea is to shrink, smoke miniscule amounts of weed, then grow back. Cleo listens, feigning excitement…until Julius shrinks. She gets him really high like they planned…but she thinks his idea is moronic. Such incredible shrinking technology can have so many more lucrative applications. She decides what to do with her new little pets while she brainstorms and gets stoned.

(Shrink, POV, Barefoot Crush, Big Feet, Butt Crush, Vore, Foot play, Thigh Crush)