Giantess Mila | “TOO MUCH ASS” | giantess ass crush, fx


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Ethan was finally able to get his hands on the body shrinking medication, allowing him to get down to inches tall. He makes a risky bet with his step-sister Mila: If he can crush him with her ass, she wins $500. Unbeknownst to Her, the medication makes the shrunken body 10x more resilient than normal. She’s got her work cut out for her…but she’ll make sure her step-brother doesn’t win this bet.

Directed by “The Giantess Director” (AKA ViSa)

Starring Giantess Mila

Film Duratioin 24 min

(FX Butt Crush, Shrinkage, Glass Butt Crush, Smothering, Farts, POV)

Script Idea Winner: Ethan Q